21 Aug 2009
In this video, Chinese people wildly kills Uyghurs. They use big stones and rocks to crack their heads, skulls and everywhere of their body.

Chinese are doing this everyday to Uyghurs. As you see in the video, they continue hitting the Uyghurs even if they are already unconscious.

While they are killing Uyghurs, other Chinese people watch them and do nothing to help Uyghurs and rescue them.


Uncham | 9 years 3 months ago
Peace... what does this word mean for people? I think we all forget about this word... My nationality is going to be killed! It is reality that I can't emagine..... We do nothing for Chinese people, we didn't hurt them or something else. We just lived on our native land...

Manifeto Turk | 7 years 10 months ago
Chinese are not human..
Uighur people! Turks with you

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